Praying for Wisconsin (and for our country)

Praying for Wisconsin (and for the our country)

Care to join me in praying for everything going on in the news in Wisconsin the last few days? With the ruling and the Christmas parade...

Lord, heal their hurts. Be with Wisconsin. Comfort them, Abba. There are no words. Help, Father. Show them your mercy and Your great and endless love. Give them Your strength. Help everyone involved, Lord.


I pray the same for our nation. Help us to love one another in deep ways and be more likely to show love than focus on differences. Love is the only way peace can happen on this Earth. And with Thanksgiving and Christmas, we should focus even more on loving our neighbors and everyone we come across this day... and tomorrow... and the next. Show us how and the way to do so.



In your journal today, take some time to journal about these things... and pray. Pour out your heart to the Lord. Release all your worries and burdens to Him. And pray for Wisconsin hard and often.

How can you show more love to everyone you see and talk with this day, and for those you don't? Journal about these things.