A New Blog Post Series: Christian Journaling (Bible and Prayer Journaling)

Prior to this blog post today, I've been journaling about last year (2021) and this new year (2022). These journal entries, or blog posts, have been a mainstream collection of journaling prompts. Anyone could read them and get much out of them. 

However, I need to make a confession. I am not sure what all I can do. Therefore, I want to begin with a journaling project that I know I can finish. If I have more time and inclination, then I will do more than what I am about to describe. 

I am going to stick with Christian Journaling (Bible and Prayer Journaling) for a while. I will not do mainstream blog posts (journal entries) on regular, everyday journaling. 

That being said, though, let me state how I will work on writing a book this year of everything you ever wanted to know about journaling. I will write and publish that at the end of the year (The Big Journaling Book).

Therefore, this blog will for now on be mainly a Christian Journaling blog (for Bible and Prayer Journaling). 

Please stay tuned.