There are some journals out there that are for one-sentence per day. Or a paragraph per day.

These are great summary journals. They are very shallow and short and simple.

Those types of journals are great if you do not want to do anything more. I have a couple and use them. They give me the bullet of what has happened. It's more like a diary.

Nonetheless, this is not the type of journaling that this blog is focused on. Rather, thig blog's goal is to help us live better lives and be better people. How we do that is by not living shallow, surface-skim-only lives.

We live better lives and are better people when we think, go deeper, reflect, think, learn, think, apply, think, analyze, think, and repeat. I say that this way intentionally. Now, let me explain.

We live better lives, and are better people, when we think things through (all the way through) and go deeper.


Thinking things through is the key. Journaling provides us the means to do this.

Hence, we have to journal a lot of words on the page in order to accomplish thinking things through and going deeper so we can be better people and live better lives.

Don't ignore, or throw away, the one-sentence per day journals. They have their place. Use them.

This blog, though, is about going deeper than that, and is meaningful, and purposeful.